Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy in Stillwater, MN

Rejuvenate Your Natural Beauty and Health For Tomorrow’s Glow

If you are having trouble with hormonal imbalance and the effects of aging, hormone therapy is the best choice to improve your quality of life. At Refine Wellness, we provide hormone replacement treatment for women that delivers striking results and supports their health and wellness.

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Most essential physical activities require the control of the hormones in the body, which is why it is a critical component of one’s overall health. Having unbalanced hormones might significantly affect your general well-being, and as a result, you may feel changes in your body, like hot flashes, mood swings, weight loss, and lack of sexual drive.

As women age, it is important to regulate their hormones such as estrogen and progesterone with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This treatment can help prevent interference with women’s daily life, including their energy level, cognitive ability, and sexual health.

Our Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy in Stillwater, MN


Are you having trouble getting enough rest or keeping up your energy with others? It’s not just you, and it’s not just because of your age. Unbalanced hormone levels may be the root of everything. With our women’s hormone replacement therapy, you can improve and replenish your hormone levels.

We only use natural substitutes for our artificial hormone replacement therapy, usually called bioidentical hormone replacement. Our certified nurse practitioner with years of experience uses a comprehensive strategy and revolutionary hormone replacement treatment to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. Our goal is to track the cause of patients’ health problems rather than just their symptoms.


For women getting older, hormone replacement treatment works somewhat differently. During your menstrual cycle, progesterone and estrogen levels change, causing symptoms both during and before your periods. Your periods stop during menopause due to a sharp decline in hormone production. You may encounter various changes linked to reduced hormones, like:

It’s important to care for your health and wellness. You should visit us for a hormone replacement consultation if you feel that these changes are affecting your well-being.

Restoring Your Health With Women’s Hormones Replacement Therapy in Stillwater, Minnesota


Not feeling like yourself at all? Problems with sexual health and wellness can be highly serious and detrimental if ignored. Poor diet, aging, inactive lifestyle, and more can be major contributing factors to women’s hormonal imbalance.

Don’t let this happen to you. Balancing your hormones can restore your youthful energy, health, and wellness. Let us help you increase your energy levels, reduce body fat, enhance collagen and skin elasticity, muscle mass, libido, mood, and more with our advanced women’s hormone replacement therapy.

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Why Start With Us


Aging, stress, inactivity, and other poor lifestyles can have a significant impact on hormone levels. Sexual-related issues can also be problematic for women and their health. When you feel the signs of hormonal imbalance, you should seek the help of a professional.

Each of our patients undergoes a thorough examination by Dr. Teal, including hormone testing. We will develop a personalized treatment plan for you and a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms to determine if hormone replacement therapy suits your health and wellness needs.

Advanced Procedures

Our FDA-cleared hormone replacement therapy offers the highest degree of clinical programs for aging women.

Qualified and Certified Care

Our health and wellness practitioner has undergone extensive medical aesthetic care training to ensure the best care.

Full-Service Clinic

Our purpose is to enhance your natural beauty under one roof so that you can enjoy a healthier life with confidence.

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Time-Proven Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy in Stillwater, Minnesota


We understand that despite the frustration of hormonal imbalance, patients want to lead a normal life. If you experience one or more signs that your body is lacking hormones it needs, our certified nurse practitioner will do comprehensive tests and evaluations to determine the right treatment plan for you.

We’re here to help you maximize the benefits of our women’s hormone replacement therapy for your physical, mental, and sexual health. Contact us through our office number or schedule an appointment today.