Men's Hormone Replacement Therapy

Start Feeling Like Your Young Self Again

Feeling tired? Losing your focus and sexual drive? A decrease in your testosterone level may be the culprit. We are here to help you regain your manliness with our testosterone replacement therapy in Minnesota with proper diet and exercise.

testosterone replacement therapy in minnesota

Testosterone is a key hormone that regulates energy, strength, and motivation in men. A human male produces a lot of natural hormones such as testosterone when he is young. However, when he reaches the age of 40, he is susceptible to developing some kind of sexual dysfunction due to a decline in testosterone level.

Testosterone replacement therapy in Minnesota aims to help men prevent hormonal imbalances and get themselves back on track. It also helps improve muscle mass, fat distribution, mood, and energy levels.


Testosterone replacement therapy in Minnesota can effectively treat many health-related symptoms. Both you and Dr. Teal will decide on the type of testosterone treatment that can help address your symptoms when your physical and blood tests are finished. Regular blood tests throughout your treatment will guarantee to relieve low testosterone. In addition to the treatment, lifestyle changes, like losing weight, eating healthy, exercising frequently, and giving up smoking can also benefit men with low testosterone. Minnesota residents have received prompt and long-lasting relief, thanks to our medical-approved testosterone replacement therapy in Minnesota.

Here are common symptoms of low testosterone levels:

Get Your Drive Back With Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Minnesota

Are you suffering from low sex drive, lack of focus, and fatigue? If you start to experience these symptoms along with signs of aging such as mental fogginess, mood swings, erectile dysfunction, or weight gain, let us help you. It is our goal to help encourage men to live healthy, fuller lives with the aid of increasing their testosterone levels. Our testosterone replacement therapy combined with regular exercise, enough sleep, and eating nutritious meals can help you get through the challenges of aging and low sexual health. Contact us to learn more about our services or book an appointment today.

With the right medical care, sexual dysfunction can be controlled or even healed. Testosterone replacement therapy can help male patients improve their sexual well-being and regain their libido. We specialize in enhancing men’s sexual health. which is helpful in enhancing their focus and performance, and meeting sexual health and wellness goals. Our programs for improving sexual health are made to target the root causes of common sexual dysfunctions and cure their symptoms, allowing men to reclaim their confidence and virility.

Muscle mass and strength
Improved heart health
Alertness and concentration
Improved mood and attitude
Lowered cholesterol
Sex drive and performance
Sleep quality
Weight loss


Though results may vary for each man, maximizing testosterone to healthy levels can help replenish their essential hormones so that they can live life once again with passion and purpose. Because we understand testosterone plays a big role in making men “men”, our testosterone replacement therapy can serve as an effective and safe option for those suffering from low testosterone.

Only Natural Testosterone

We only deliver natural testosterone hormones to add to what your body naturally generates.

Efficient and Fast Appointments

We respect how valuable your time is, so we work closely with you and provide effective results.

Trustworthy Relationship

We promote a respectful, trustworthy, and confidential doctor-patient relationship.

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Add More to Your Life With Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Minnesota


We customize your wellness program to draw attention to and treat your unique problems. We design your journey, combining testosterone replacement therapy with a thorough diet and exercise program, so that you can achieve optimal health and wellness.

As your health and wellness partner, we will work to support you as you navigate your own unique wellness program, never taking the easy way out when it comes to your health. Contact us today.