Laser Treatment in Minnesota

Clear and Brilliant Skin You Can Enjoy

Help prevent signs of aging, including wrinkles, blemishes, and facial lines—or even remove unwanted hair growth—because you owe it to yourself. Bring back your brilliant, youthful glow with our revolutionary laser treatment in Minnesota.

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This treatment delivers a direct treatment to a wide range of skin issues, including fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation, and excess hair. Lasers resurface the skin by emitting light energy; this light energy is extremely focused and preserves healthy skin cells while treating damaged ones.

Laser skin therapies also improve collagen production, and provide a shield for your skin against harmful sun damage. Whether you have skin blotches, darker brown skin spots, or uneven hair follicles, laser treatment provides an effective long-term solution over other treatments.

Our Optimas Laser Treatment in Minnesota


Do you have unwanted hair, acne scars, or stretch marks you want to remove? Having these skin imperfections might make it difficult for anyone to feel at ease with their body. Even though there are numerous options for removing unwanted hair, none are quite as long-lasting as the Optimas laser therapy device that uses light, laser, and radio frequency to get rid of age spots, hard-to-reach facial tissue, and more. To help smooth your skin and increase your confidence, Our trailblazing treatment device focuses on rejuvenating your skin, stopping hair regrowth, and bringing back your youthful glow.


Our FDA-approved intense pulse light Lumecca device is used for photofacial treatment to help remove pigmentation and vascular lesions.


Our hair removal laser treatment uses a medical-safe diode laser to remove stubborn facial and body hair growth and permanently prevent future regrowth.


Our deep skin rejuvenation laser therapy uses customizable micro-needling tips to help stimulate collagen production for smooth and radiant skin.

Morpheus8 Body

Our minimally invasive Morpheus8 Body provides deep subdermal adipose skin remodeling that uses Fractional Radio Frequency to treat wrinkles, scars, and discoloration.

Get Personalized Laser Treatment in Minnesota


Facial lines, rosacea, and excessive hair growth develop as a result of aging skin cells, which slows down the generation of vital proteins like elastin and collagen. Our laser treatment in Minnesota has the ability to renew dermal cells by promoting production of these proteins. This treatment is combined with professional-grade technology to offer collagen-boosting and bacteria-killing effects to alleviate skin imperfections.

You deserve to have smooth, supple skin. Do not let unwelcome hair undermine your confidence. To find out if laser therapy is right for you, call us or schedule an appointment today.


For people who have skin conditions like blemishes, red spots, and body hair, our FDA-approved laser therapy can help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals. Here are some of the benefits of our laser treatment in Minnesota.

Removes harmful dermal cells
Suppresses inflammatory skin responses
Eradicates any bacteria that cause skin outbreaks
Enhances skin proteins
Lowers sebum production
Activates skin’s wound-healing ability

You will have a thorough consultation with our certified nurse practitioner before your treatment so that we can better understand your needs. Your face and body can feel a soothing effect within a day. It is advisable to refrain from staying under the sun’s heat and picking at your skin after receiving this treatment.

What Makes Us the Top Choice for Laser Treatment in Minnesota


A person’s overall image can be impacted by skin blemishes on their body and face, which can make them appear older than they actually are. Aside from reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and excessive hair growth, laser skin therapy also improves the tone and texture of the skin. Our laser therapy provides quick recovery and a simple solution to minimize skin flaws with a little downtime and without the need for invasive surgery.

Expert Supervision

Our treatments are supervised by Dr. Teal and she personally conducts all consultations.

Honest Pricing

Our affordable laser therapy are tailored to meet your health and wellness goals.

First-Class Facility

Our first-class clinic is fully-equipped with FDA-approved devices.

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Reputable Laser Treatment in Minnesota


We provide a range of cutting-edge laser treatments to revitalize your troubled skin here at Refine Wellness. We take your unique skin condition into consideration, and with our laser therapy, help remove unwanted body hair, including those on your back, upper lip, and bikini line.

To schedule a consultation or to learn how our laser treatment clinic may simplify your health and wellness routine, call us today.