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Refine Wellness is a holistic wellness and medical aesthetics clinic in Stillwater, Minnesota, specializing in accessible, affordable, and safe natural-looking beauty and health enhancement services. We provide unique medical aesthetic procedures for men and women, including botox treatment, medical weight reduction, hormone balancing, IV therapy, and more. With our unparalleled dedication to excellence, we work closely with our patients to improve their appearance and boost their confidence.

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Stillwater’s Trusted Aesthetic Care and Treatment Expert


Owner, Founder, and Nurse Practitioner

I started Refine Wellness with a mission to assist others in enhancing their health, beauty, and wellness, and also because I am super passionate about helping people become more than what they could be and achieve their aesthetic goals. My healthcare career began at the University of Minnesota, where I graduated from nursing school before moving to Augsburg University to become a nurse practitioner. I am here to provide you with professional advice and individualized health and beauty care. With over 14 years of experience serving Minnesota residents, it is my goal to support my patients in becoming the healthiest and most beautiful version of themselves from the inside out.

Outside of running Refine Wellness, I am a proud mother of three, a pet lover, a travel enthusiast, and a fitness buff. I really enjoy visiting Spanish-speaking countries to improve my Spanish! When I’m not at the clinic, you can find me at home, reading and catching up on the latest medical trends and research or exploring Stillwater’s thriving community.

If you’re ready to bring out your inner beauty and optimize your health and wellness so you can look and feel at your best, then you’ve come to the right place.

I can’t wait to meet you!

You Deserve to Look and Feel Great Again


Our attention is on you, and we want to help you look younger and feel healthier. Our staff will help you get whether you want skin rejuvenation, unwanted hair removal, hormone replacement therapy, or nutrition coaching. We are certified and trained in the most advanced medical aesthetic technology. Our expertise and knowledge will help you find the most affordable treatment best for your wellness goals.

What Makes Us the Top Choice


Our mission is to support you in achieving your wellness goals and improve your confidence through personalized care. Our experienced and certified medical professional is trained and knowledgeable in advanced aesthetic procedures, hormone replacement, weight loss, laser treatment, and other aesthetic care.

Warmth and Passionate Staff

Our supportive staff works with you to identify a treatment plan that is best for you and your wellness goals.

Certified and Experienced

Our licensed nurse practitioner keeps track of your progress to help rejuvenate your health and wellness quickly.

Personalized Care

Our aesthetic care and service go beyond the clinic because we provide professional and medical advice.



Reading reviews is a great way to find out what actual individuals, just like you, have to say about their experiences with a product or service. To offer you a clear insight into what our satisfied patients are saying about Refine Wellness Clinic, we’ve compiled their lovely feedback.

I had a virtual visit with Dr. Teal and she listened to my concerns attentively. Learning my symptoms and valuing my input, she developed a treatment plan and explained it thoroughly to me. I followed the instructions and saw fantastic results.

— Jeff Brubakken

I had a very comfortable experience with Refine Wellness. I ordered antibiotics for my mastitis, and I appreciate their fast treatment. They are very responsive to my question. I highly recommend them!

— Amy Krumm

Dr. Teal does a phenomenal job with very reasonable prices. The treatments are absolutely painless. Highly recommended!

— David Nelson

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Trusted Holistic Wellness and Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Stillwater, Minnesota


We provide a comprehensive rejuvenation treatment to address your health, wellness, and aesthetic goals. We understand that each person has their own distinct wellness goals. Our customized aesthetic services offer body and skin enhancements to renew your appearance. We take a loving approach that reflects our friendly and warm settings to provide a comfortable and relaxing medical aesthetic treatment. Our welcoming staff is ready to offer knowledgeable advice and first-rate patient care. Contact us today!